Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Through scientific and technological development, we provide to future generations a viable and healthy progress and an increased social and economic balance, designed to preserve the quality and quantity of natural and finite resources.


Our Mission

We work in scientific research for industrial development, providing technological solutions through innovative approaches based on the principles of sustainability and balance. We respect the environment and its many characteristic ecosystems, by promoting and applying corporate social responsibility, equity and fairness throughout the world to manage a balanced ratio of the available resources.

Our principles, our values

  • We do as we dictate: we take action when possible
  • We are open to new ideas and changes, we build and spread trust and credibility
  • We make create an atmosphere of inclusivity and ease to promote discussion and illustration of one’s ideas, we respect individuality and treat everyone with dignity and moral integrity
  • We apply a culture of open and transparent communication
  • We forge relationships based on honesty and promote the sharing of knowledge, overcoming barriers and boundaries
  • We focus our attention and decisions on what is important and not what is convenient
  • We respect the laws and regulations, that are the backbone of the economy and avoid conflicts of interest
  • We carefully manage the interests of all stakeholders
  • We promote the prevalence of substance over form, we pursue continuous improvement and sustainable evolution
  • We apply corporate social responsibility and the “Triple bottom line”