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The intelligent multifunction platform - Air Pollution Abatement

is an intelligent multifunction modular platform, based on exclusive innovative technology, protected by patent, designed for anthropogenic pollution abatement in the atmosphere. The system is designed to be distributed densely in the fields of use – all the risk areas to be reclaimed, production and processing areas and urban centers characterized by severe conditions of air pollution – in order to constitute a dense network of absorbers aimed at particulate matter other harmful pollutants.

Thanks to innovative technology based on integrated chemical-physical-mechanical processes, is able to abate particulate matter (PM> 0.1), heavy metals, PAHs – polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, light hydrocarbons (methane, benzene, etc.) NOx, SOx and CO2 with high efficiency at very high air flows.

In addition, the system, with its continuous monitoring structure of air pollutants, may constitute a valuable information source, creating a dense distributed network in the fields of use and surrounding area, with easy to monitor detection and processing of sensible atmospheric data and environmental information, on broad-scale.

technological solution can be applied both outdoors and within manufacturing facilities, in production and processing areas, building sites, small and large industrial plants (companies working with glass, wood, cement, etc); in particular, to the benefit of the population, in all areas of residential development and urban environments that require the remediation of the atmosphere quality.

technological solution, already selected by Italy of Innovators in the 2011/12 edition, has completed the formal process of certification, qualification and validation of the system, obtaining the CE mark and IMQ certification (Italian Quality Mark Institute) in July 2012.


Operation scheme

The operation scheme of the system, structured in several stages, is summarized in the following figure and is constituted by a first stage with scrubber, using as abatement liquid a suitable aqueous saline solution, for separation of dust, gas and vapors from the air, especially dedicated to the abatement of particulate matter, PAHs, metals, dust, ozone, pollen, spores and partially NOx and SOx.

A second stage, uses an electrochemical controlled process to oxidize light hydrocarbons (methane, benzene, etc..), sequester metals and for the reduction and dissociation of inorganic compounds, such as residual NOx and SOx, which are, in structure, not harmful to health and environment. A third stage, finally, chemically mineralizes oxides of carbon, including carbon dioxide, in the form of sodium bicarbonate, stable even in absence of water.

is modular, versatile and separable into stages that render it optimal for use in different at-risk areas in need of environmental recovery.

The system has the distinct ability able to be sized to fit to the actual features of reclamation sites, even to meet the basic principles of “zero emissions” and “zero waste”, since the processed pollutants are disposed, according to a virtuous process, in each municipal purification plants.


Control and monitoring

has an electronic control unit, which controls all the process parameters systems, monitoring the operation and managing failures and emergencies. All process data, acquired in real time, are transferred to an operations center.

In addition to the control structure of the process parameters and operation, the system is equipped with a series of sensors for continuous monitoring of the air quality. Semiconductor sensors, calibrated directly in our laboratories, allow for real-time monitoring of “light” gas concentration in the air, such as CO, NOx, SOx, C6H6, CH4, particulate matter PM0,5-PM1, PM1-PM3, PM3-PM5, PM5-PM10, PM>10, and physical-chemical data such air temperature and relative humidity.

The data are acquired in continuity and the complete package of information is transmitted in real time to the operations center that classifies them and provides information on air quality, in situ, analyzed via web-server.

The process data analysis and the environmental data is managed off-line and, through processing, can be used, in conjunction with the local government to validate and propose new environmental models. The system can be continuously monitored, observed and managed from a remote location.



Shapes and dimension

The system is geometrically performative and sized according to the physical and environmental necessities of places to be reclaimed, through point solutions that meet the effective demands.

To date a prototype system has been realized in a series designed to carry out the testing phases in the urban and industrial application field:

BASE                                    about 130 cm x 150 cm (120 cm platform)

HEIGHT                                240 cm (with fireplace)



      • AIR FLOW:     ≥ 1.350 – 2.350 m3/h
      • SPEED OUT  FRONT:     d=40 cm, L=50 cm 10 m/s
      • SPEED IN FRONT:     3 x d=20 cm, L=50 cm 13 m/s
      • P CONSUMPTION:    400 – 540 W (completely generable from renewable sources, particularly from modules / photovoltaic cells and micro / mini-wind turbines)
      • HYDRAULIC PRESSURE:     80 kPa
      • FLUID PRESSURE JUMP:     Liquid+aeriform 70Pa
      • NOISE:     50 – 55 dBA/1m
      • OPERATING RANGE:     about 25 m
      • WORKING TIME:     H 24, or depending on the actual requirements of the use area, identified by specific sensor networks
      • INPUT:     water and saline chemical compound
      • OUTPUT:     easy and simple disposal liquid
      • SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED:     the exclusive APA system has undergone extensive testing and experimentation in scientific institutions, research organizations and universities that validated with analysis and study, the excellent performance of the technological solution
      • PRACTICALITY:    the air treatment process is completely environmentally conscious, does not require the use of toxic and harmful products, nor the use of active filters. Temperature and humidity of the environment are not affected and do not affect the operation. The system is maintenance-free and non-invasive at low frequency
      • CERTIFICATIONS: product certified by the Italian Institute of Quality Mark – IMQ


      • Operational management carried out through a Wireless Intelligent Network (sensors and telecommunications networks) and Cloud Platforms
      • Software for the analysis, monitoring and processing of sensitive data, environmental and territorial areas
      • Modular and camouflaged in all areas of indoor and outdoor use
      • Functional to evolve areas of use into “smart connected communities” and “smart environment”
      • Easily camouflaged chassis for communication initiatives and co-marketing


On-field effective extensive test results, up to date (tried and tested in real environments):

      • Urban field

      • Industrial field