How we work

Is TECH is responsible for strategic planning, operational coordination and management functions of the related entities, specialized and dedicated to research and development of technology solutions and innovative products (Research & Development).
These entities, therefore, work as “Special Purpose Vehicle” in integration with various partners operating in accordance with “network” business models dedicated to laboratory work, analysis, research, development, testing and validation.
Once validation and certification of products and technological solutions implemented on a prototype form (proof of concept) is complete, Is TECH takes on the evolutionary management and all economic exploitation rights, in the broadest sense.
Is TECH, therefore, evolves:

  • economic group development;
  • models and agreements of cooperation and partnership;
  • production processes and marketing of technology solutions and products;
  • international corporate initiatives;
  • models and agreements of intellectual property evaluation and development, from the original source to those arising from the inventive activity integrated with partners in business processes;
  • models to achieve business goals, both on national and international markets.