Sustainable Development Award 2013

Premio Sviluppo Sostenibile 2013


Is TECH receives the first Sustainable Development Award 2013, Start-up section, for the development of an air pollution abatement platform. The system, based on a specialized technology, operates at ground level on several pollutant species (such as fine particulate matter, heavy metals, PAHs, light hydrocarbons) in urban and industrial areas, outdoor and indoor.

The product, developed by Is TECH, is equipped with a series of sensors monitoring the environmental parameters, enabling the sustainable capture and abatement of air pollutants, checking the functionality, the environmental conditions and the remediation efficacy. A web interface displays the control parameters of the system and the results of the application on air quality.

The efforts in the design allows in some models to “hide” the product in a complement of street furniture. The system produces rain water-like waste; no need for special disposal, because no filters are used, greatly simplifying the management of the product and therefore the entry into the market. Finally, the business model, which is vital for a start-up, looks solid: the new and very promising market, the company’s approach immediately internationalized and excellent links with the world of research ensure future developments.


Foto premiazione imprese Foto premiazione Giuseppe Spanto, CEO IsTECH


Interview to Giuseppe Spanto, CEO of Is TECH – Speciale Ecomondo 2013 video video

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